We are a close knit team of talented Strategists, Designers and Innovators who are obsessed with creativity. We are a bunch of eager beavers and share the love for doing what we do and what we do is find unique and impactful ways to help a business or organization stand out. For us, the sun rises and sets on our clients. We are hell bent to go beyond their expectations and punch above our weight.

We kicked off in 2009 and have been pushing boundaries of what’s achievable since then, and now hold all the aces in branding and advertising space. We have an honest-to-goodness approach and are renowned for achieving results and creating an impact.



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We, at Tetramind are amazingly diverse yet surprisingly similar. You will find that our team is made of diverse thinkers, artists, dreamers, designers and doers. We create an environment where peculiar people with unique skills and distinct personalities embrace the diversity and work hard, work together and work towards a common goal. We strive hard to make things that surprise and delight the world. We take pride in the fact that we gave birth to as many as six new advertising agencies. This mitosis did not pull us down; instead, it boosted us and made us a patron of them. We work hard here, but we also play hard. At some point between the designing sessions and the copy-writing brainstorms, somebody’s doing something that brings the whole office into fits of laughter. We’re pretty good at loosening up and having a good time during the work week. Whether it’s a YouTube video that has everyone crowded around one computer or a fight to share food, we know when to give ourselves a break and detach for a moment from our work. This love of culture gives us a level of expertise others only pretend they have.


  • 2009
    Every story begins somewhere, and ours began in 2009 when we started as an Outdoor Advertising Agency. We started where we were, used what we had and did what we could. A humble beginning.
  • 2010
    A year later, we started Wed Development and Print Media services. Our staff grew, so did our clients. However, we were just a work in progress. We allowed ourselves time to grow.
  • 2011
    It was time to step up and increase our reach. We had to reach as high as we could, and then reach a little higher. Hence we expanded to two other cities in India, Mumbai and Bangalore. We also entered Branding, Packaging Design and Media Buying & Selling. This year saw us doing our first photo shoot as well as setting up our first exhibition stall.
  • 2012
    We won an award in the Public Spaces category by Institute of Indian Interiors Designers (IIID) for our Exhibition stall. We were growing at an incredible pace, we could either step forward into growth or we step back into safety. Step forward we did, we now have reach in all the cities in India. We started our services in the Mobile App Development segment.
  • 2013
    You adapt & compete or lose. We adapted and evolved as we launched 3D Holography Services and thus embarked a new era in advertising, as it was installed in all major airports in the country. Our services were increasing alongside our list of happy clients. We may not have reached our goal yet, but we are closer than we were yesterday.
  • 2014
    We expanded our horizons by entering into Digital Advertising alongside Social media management, and it was never the same again. We did not let our comfort zone become our coffin. It is safe to say that we made a significant impact on this sector and increased our portfolio of clients.
  • 2015
    It was time for us to evolve and evolve we did. With growing stuff and humongous portfolio of clients, we decided it was time for us to be heard. We succeeded in doing so through one of our client’s first corporate video. It wasn’t the end of it, as we made ten more corporate videos for our clients in quick succession.
  • 2016
    Since our Inception, we have been pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved. We did the same this time. Except, pushed national boundary and went global. We now have virtual offices in United Kingdom, Dubai and South Africa and are still expanding. We are confidently going in the direction of our dreams.

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